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A Discount Wine Club

Why?   Because we can.


And we love you.


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Our mission.

Wine is a force that can elevate everything a meal, a conversation, a romance, a quiet moment alone. Yet often, many wines aren’t readily available to consumers. TWC’s mission is to make amazing wine accessible and affordable to everyone — whether you’re a die-hard wine geek or just looking for a great bottle to enjoy with friends.  Ever wonder what the true cost of wine really is?  Let’s lift the veil and cut straight to the bottom line:  standard retail markup is 50%.  We offer you wine at our wholesale cost with a 20% markup.  Why?  Because we can. And we love you.

Q & A

Q:  Why should I join?

A:  Transparency.  Removing all marketing and pricing shenanigans.  Being honest with our friends regarding the true cost of wine. Quality.  Large box retailers have wholesalers that dump literally semi-trucks full of large-scale industrially produced wine.  As a service to our friends, we have the ability to hand pick boutique wines and small imports with pedigree and personality.  Community.  We believe that wine should be enjoyed with one other.  Anthropologists believe that humans gave up their nomadic hunting-and-gathering existence for a life built on agriculture because of the mood-altering and nutritional properties of fermented beverages.  Through our monthly wine parties at Ermanos, as well as our member community on Facebook where individuals can trade bottles, split case buys, and discuss vintages, our member community can connect through wine.


Q:  How does ordering work?

A:  All orders can be placed through our "Wine of the Month" link on  The order cut-off is Tuesday before 12pm.  Orders placed before the Tuesday cut-off will be available for pick-up the following day (Wednesday) at 2pm.  If you miss the order cut-off, your order will be included with the following Tuesday's order and your wine will be ready the following Wednesday.  


Q:  What is TWC's relation to Ermanos Craft Beer & Wine Bar?

A:  TWC is part of Ermanos, which holds a license that allows both on- and off-premise wine sales.  Here, our home is your home. We want to bring hospitality to the wine buying experience by personalizing it to your tastes.  


Q:  If we purchase wine at Ermanos, can we open it there?  

A:  Yes.  However, since the member pricing is intended to be a benefit over and above liquor store pricing (i.e., "to-go"), we charge a modest corkage fee of $8.  Even with the corkage included, the cost to you would still equate to about a 30% discount from our in-house wine bottle pricing on the Ermanos wine menu.


Q:  How does the monthly party work?

A:  On the second Wednesday of every month, we will open 5 bottles from the Wine of the Month list.  We will also have hors-d'ouvres! The cost is $5 for TWC members and $10 for non-members.  


Q:  Are TWC memberships refundable?

A:  We do not offer prorated refunds for annual memberships due to their discounted cost.  For the monthly members, you may cancel at any time by emailing us.


Q:  Do you charge sales tax?

A:  No!  It is included in our prices.


Q:  Do you offer any goodies for referring a friend who joins TWC?

A:  Yes.  Refer a friend and receive a complementary bottle up to $15 from our monthly list with your next order.  The new member will be able to enter your name during online checkout when they purchase their new membership.

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